Vilnius declaration


Democracy  Days in Vilnius 21st-24th June, 2010


We, the participants of the Democracy Days in Vilnius,

- expressing our gratitude to the Community of Democracies for providing the opportunity to take part in a process that aims to strengthen the promotion of democracy around the world;

- considering the protection and support of human rights, fundamental freedoms, mutual respect, free and fair elections and tolerance as core values for establishing a democratic society;

- believing that there is no such thing as a perfect democracy, because democracy is not an all-or-nothing affair, but rather a continuous process of transformation, which presupposes a set of universally accepted principles;

- appreciating the commitment and contribution of young leaders to building democracy, which is possible only when strong will, motivation, open-mindedness and optimism are maintained;

- expecting to achieve a sustainable and effective international youth network that will encourage and motivate young people from around the world to be in the forefront of defending democratic values and principles;


Hereby agree to:

- establish the Young Leaders Forum of the Community of Democracies in order to involve youth in the process of building democracy;

- share the values and principles of fundamental human values set forth in the Warsaw Declaration which established the Community of Democracies and its subsequent declarations and documents;

- encourage participation in Community of Democracies activities by all young civil society activists and organizations which promote democratic principles;

- educate youth about democratic principles and practices and promote youth involvement in decision-making and policy-making processes;

- reach out and encourage young people to get involved with democracy promotion, active citizenship and political activities.


We hereby address the Community of Democracies and the Parliamentary Forum of the Community of Democracies with the request to:

- support the development of the Young Leaders Forum of the Community of Democracies;

- foster this and other networks which support young activists around the world and promote the values and principles of the Community of Democracies among budding politicians and civil society activists, thus enabling them to develop as valuable future leaders of a more democratic world;

- provide channels for the exchange of ideas, reform initiatives and participation in political and civil society activities and movements.

All fields required
DEADLINE: 2011-06-01
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