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The Young Leaders Forum was established as the result of the adopted Vilnius Declaration during Democracy days in Vilnius in 2010.

More than fifty young freedom fighters, young NGO leaders, young diplomats and the other young leaders from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burma, Georgia, Hungary, Kenya, Kosovo, Lithuania, Moldova, Philippines, Poland, Serbia, Uganda, Ukraine, USA and Venezuela joined Young Leaders Forum with the following goals:

•    Strengthening the promotion of democracy around the world in cooperation with international organizations, governments, parliaments and civil society of the different countries;

•    Sharing information, lessons learned and innovative solutions;

•    Educating the youth and societies about democratic principles and practices;

•    Creating a global network platform for young leaders to meet with each other, to share information and ideas, as well as to develop skills that leadership needs;

•    Realizing the other goals related to building and fostering democracy all around the world.

Short overview of the events, international meeting and initiatives in the past (initiated, hosted/co-hosted and organized by YLF):

•    “Democracy Days” in Vilnius; signing of the “Vilnius Declaration” with the intention to establish an official youth pillar within CoD and stating that youth should be represented and involved at each level of the CoD community; establishment of YLF;

•    “Young Diplomats for Democracy” (YDD)Symposium in Krakow (July, 2010, organized by ACUS and EID); joining “Vilnius Declaration” (Krakow Resolution); the CoD accepted the YLF as the youth pillar of the global coalition;

•    Participation of youth representatives (Institute for Democratic Politics, YLF, Atlantic Council of United States in Parliamentary Forum in Washington DC (September, 2010); PF adopted Washington declaration supporting the establishment of YLF as an official youth pillar within the CoD;

•    Establishment and meeting of the Core Group of the CoD youth dimension (November, 2010); the Core Group consists of the coordinators of the YLF, YDD, and World Youth Movement for Democracy (WYMD) networks;

•    Vilnius Youth Forum “Young Leaders in Democracy Promotion Process: Challenges and Possibilities” (June, 2011, IDP, YLF, ACUS, European Institute for Democracy (EID) and WYMD);

•    National contest “Young Leaders” (March – October, 2011). The winners of the contest participated in the PFD meeting in US Congress on the September 15, 2011 (YLF, Lithuanian embassy in USA, USA embassy in Lithuania, Parliamentary Forum for Democracy);

•    “LTMUN – the first UN simulation conference in Lithuania” (supported by EU programme “Youth”, in partnership with the Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences, Siegen University Germany and European Humanitarian University in Vilnius (March – July, 2012).

•    “International Young Leaders Academy: Strengthening Democracy in Eastern European Societies” (October, 2012), which was supported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and International Republican Institute.

•    Youth Forum of the Community of Democracies Ulaanbaatar Ministerial “Strengthening the Culture of Democracy” in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 27-28 April 2013.

•    Upcoming II International Young Leaders Academy: „The Development of Democracy in the European Eastern Partnership Countries: Challenges and Opportunities” in Vilnius, 6-8 September, 2013.


1.    Albania;

2.    Argentina;

3.    Armenia;

4.    Australia;

5.    Azerbaijan;

6.    Belarus;

7.    Bosnia and Herzegovina;

8.    Brasil;

9.    Burma;

10.    China;

11.    El Saldavor;

12.    India;

13.    Indonesia;

14.    Italia;

15.    France;

16.    Germany;

17.    Georgia;

18.    Hungry;

19.    Kenya;

20.    Kosova;

21.    Kyrgyzstan;

22.    Latvia;

23.    Liberia;

24.    Lithuania;

25.    Malaysia;    26.    Moldova;

27.    Mongolia;

28.    Montenegro;

29.    Nepal;

30.    Nicaragua:

31.    Nigeria:

32.    Pakistan;

33.    Phillippines;

34.    Poland;

35.    Serbia;

36.    Somalia;

37.    South Korea;

38.    Sweden;

39.    Switzerland;

40.    Russia;

41.    Tajikstan:

42.    Taiwan;

43.    Turkey;

44.    Uganda;

45.    Ukraine;

46.    United Kingdom;

47.    USA;

48.    Uzbekistan;

49.    Venezuela.

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